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Since 1999, we are importing a range of products for our partner-customers. Please check our portfolio in order to get some references. The goods are mostly delivered to the warehouse of the customers directly from where they are further processing or distributing the goods. Kwimex never sells the products directly to the consumer market.

The customer’s demand with detailed specifications and quality requirements is always the starting point of the products which are outsourced for production in China. As we are frequently present on the market in China, we also follow the new developments and the trends of similar products in China.

Kwimex does not only import your products, but also the following jobs are also part of our responsibilities:

  • Factory audits and screening of certifications
  • Arrangement of pre-production samples
  • Setting us a quality requirement report in co-operation with our partner-customers, in English as well as in Chinese language
  • Checking the production process
  • Eventually lab testing and product certifications
  • Pre-shipment quality inspection of the goods
  • Arrangement of the sea freight
  • Insurance of the goods during shipment
  • Custom clearance of the imported goods
  • Finding out the relevant import taxes
  • Financing the goods as agreed upon parties

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